Monday, 30 April 2012

Year 5, Day 116 & 117

Day 116.
I've cancelled the collection - he's not dead after all! Came down this evening and fitted the repaired spray hood. Now I'm dry in the cockpit again.

Day 117.
Good job he put the cover up when he did yesterday evening - it really rained hard all night and the wind picked up. Blowing up to gale force now - even I don't want to go out in that! It would appear he came alone as she is still not steady on her feet after the knee operation. However, he's up to something for the Bank Holiday as he was looking at the Guernsey route on the chartplotter.
There were more people looking at the house today too - she said they had wanted one without a garage! So the photograph and plans showing they have a double garage weren't convincing then?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Year 5, day 90 & 91

Even though the weather was bright and sunny during the day on Friday I could have told them it would be b****y freezing in the bed at night. You would think that they would remember from last year - dozy old gits! Anyway, despite the cold, he got up early and then changed all my internal halogen lamps for LED ones the next morning. Only one left to do - how's he going to get up the mast then? I was hoping to go out for a sail around the bay later in the day but because the spray hood hasn't been returned from servicing the wimps wouldn't go. I got a proper Spring clean inside whilst he pottered about on deck. The next day was much the same - but colder. However, I now have a new Rodkicker so he should be able put the reefs in much easier (if we ever get to go out!). They were compiling a list of what viewers to their house said: 'too expensive for us'; 'looking to modernise'; 'would be ideal if it was in Nailsea'; and 'it's too big for us' were the best so far. Why ask me? how would I know why people don't read the estate agents brochure, advertisements and on-line descriptions.