Monday, 2 April 2012

Year 5, day 90 & 91

Even though the weather was bright and sunny during the day on Friday I could have told them it would be b****y freezing in the bed at night. You would think that they would remember from last year - dozy old gits! Anyway, despite the cold, he got up early and then changed all my internal halogen lamps for LED ones the next morning. Only one left to do - how's he going to get up the mast then? I was hoping to go out for a sail around the bay later in the day but because the spray hood hasn't been returned from servicing the wimps wouldn't go. I got a proper Spring clean inside whilst he pottered about on deck. The next day was much the same - but colder. However, I now have a new Rodkicker so he should be able put the reefs in much easier (if we ever get to go out!). They were compiling a list of what viewers to their house said: 'too expensive for us'; 'looking to modernise'; 'would be ideal if it was in Nailsea'; and 'it's too big for us' were the best so far. Why ask me? how would I know why people don't read the estate agents brochure, advertisements and on-line descriptions.

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