Monday, 16 July 2012

Year 5, Days 195 to 197

Day 195
I was expecting them today as they need to get me ready for the holiday and they never turned up last week. Their house sale and purchasing seem to be gathering pace and they are also hoping that Luke will complete his house purchase very soon . They are looking at completing the sale on 10th August (Day 223 for those of you not paying attention!).
Day 196
Big tidy today - not very nice for sailing so I've been re-arranged and anythings not used last year are to be removed.. He also rewired the Meteoman barometer/clock so that it is permanently connected to the battery. And no, I don't know why they didn't design it with a Lithium battery to retain the settings!
Day 197
The forecast was for sunshine and light winds. Wrong! so they went home early asit was considered to be more important to clear out the house and start putting things in boxes. See you Thursday then!

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