Saturday, 17 March 2012

Year 5, day 70

He was here early this morning, not as early as the guy next to me but early for him. He spent some time rummaging in the back of the car before getting up the ladder and starting to paint along the boot line with a paintbrush. I bet he left the masking tape at home - idiot! He donned a one-piece, disposable over-all (the same one that I'm sure he's had for four years now) and finished anti-fouling the underside of the hull with a roller. Then he re-fitted my anode and propeller before stopping for lunch. After lunch he re-fitted the raw water impellor removed at the end of last year, tightened the drive belt and ran up my engine - all fine. He 'phoned home - normal conversation about 'getting home' time - and then mentioned 'estate agent'. What are they up to? Anyway, next time they'll both be down and it looks like I'm being re-floated - can't wait!

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