Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Year 5, Days 132 to 134

Day 132.
She must have let him in as I still had his card. Anyway, they plan to go sailing in the morning so the forecast must be looking good. From what they've been saying it looks like there is some very positive interest in the house as someone is going for a second viewing.
Day 133
Back to the normal routine - he gets up and goes for a shower, then comes back and has a coffee. She gets up and makes breakfast, then has a shower while he gets me ready to leave. I was quite surprised he didn't forget anything important for departing as he had to do the jobs she normally does. Anyway, we got away quite easily and had a good sail around the bay. He played with my sails - using the whisker pole and putting reefs in, then we came back for tea. They watched TV then went to bed.
Day 134
We didn't go out today. Don't know what he was drinking yesterday but today he washed and polished my hull instead of going out to sea! Made me feel better but he should have put on more factor 15 though! Late afternoon they went home. He's left his card again! I wonder how the viewing went?

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