Thursday, 7 June 2012

Year 5, Days 156 & 157

Day 156
They didn't do much today - apart from complaining about the weather! They went out to the cinema and had a meal then came back early as tomorrow they have to go back to Brixham (he's been looking at the weather forecast).
Day 157
Engine on at 6am and out of the marina. At La Corbiere lighthouse he was able to sail and we headed home. With winds forecast at F5-F7 we knew what to expect. Just a brief note of thanks to the Weather Man - 5 hours from home and the forecast was increased to Gale F8 'soon'. We like surprises! With brisk winds and not too rough seas we got back into Brixham at 10pm. That's 2 hours off normal journey time. ps - thanks for the heavy rain on arrival (I love June).

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