Monday, 25 June 2012

Year 5, Days 175 to 177

Day 175
They came at the usual Friday time but didn't say why they hadn't been down for a couple of weeks. She's moving about much better now and hasn't brought the array of walking sticks with her. They had used their new car and were saying that they were happy with its performance considering what (little) he had paid for it. They seem to think the house sale is progressing nicely now but hope that Luke completes before they do or it will be rather messy. They've also had their offer for the apartment in St Mary's accepted so we'll be neighbours soon. Not sure if I will like that.
Day 176
Not the weather to sail in this morning so they had a tidy up - getting rid of things that seemed a good idea for me to have on board a couple of years ago but that have not seen the light of day since stowing them. They're making space and also planning to add a lot of 'provisions' - where's he taking us now?
This afternoon we had visitors - Tantrum's crew, Charles and Jackie, walked over from Kingswear. Sounded like they enjoyed themselves - a few empty bottles and cans lying around too.
Day 177
We went out today! Conditions were a bit poor at first but by the time we got out it was bright and sunny. Bad luck for the Mackeral too - he got quite a few. Sailing conditions were excellent and I had a good blast in the wind. They had a discussion about the recent poor weather but he said the log showed June has been a poor month for sailing for the past three seasons. No entries in the log means we didn't go out and previous years are no different to the current one.

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