Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Year 5, Days 158 & 159

Day 158
Overnight the storm caught up with us and it rained and howled all night. He said he was glad they had come back a day early; "better to be in the marina wishing your were sailing than out sailing wishing you were in the marina". Sometimes he really p's me off! Still, we had winds of over 45kts - that's a 'severe gale' in weather terms.
He went for a walk and came back saying the car won't start.
Day 159
They're going house viewing today. Should be interesting as the car isn't working. When they got back they were quite happy so there may be something they liked. After lunch they went out again but not so happy when they got back this time. They had looked at two apartments in the morning and two cottages in the afternoon. I think the apartments won 2-0. Anyway, they're off now so a bit a peace and quiet for a while. Wonder how they're going to get home?

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